‘A Place They Called Forgotten Town’

The song ‘A Place They Called Forgotten Town’ is a musical and lyrical reworking by Hull-born Henry Priestman of his late 1980’s chart hit ‘Forgotten Town’ by The Christians which was written about the state of the country at the time (the North especially), which particularly affected his home town Hull.



Produced by Hull-based Humber Film the music video will feature more than 20 Hull community groups.

Lead vocals, recorded at Fruit Trade Music, are Martin Clappison and Emma Fee of The Mighty and the Moon. Emma is also part of The Happy Endings.  

Humber Film strategic manager Malcolm Joslin said: “The video will be a vivid and memorable portrayal of Hull as a community of optimism and renewal, marking its shift from a ‘Forgotten Town’ to a city that is becoming a top attraction in the UK.

“Hull becoming the UK City of Culture is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the people of the city to stand up and show the full range of their abilities to the world, including the artists and community groups involved in this amazing project for the Creative Communities Programme.”

Creative leads

Director Paul Leeson Taylor 

Producer  Peter Hadfield  

Filming Phil Codd  Alex Twiston Davies

Production Assistant Sarah Hicks Directors Assistant Avalon Ramos Cameras  Darren Edwards-Less Stubbs-Alex Krasteff- Neal Coulman

Comprising more than 50 filmmaker members from the region, Humber Film (www.humberfilm.com) is a not-for-profit organisation situated on the 3rd floor above Kardomah 94 in central Hull.  

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